1. If you still haven’t checked out #liquideuphoria @sorellipresents run as fast as you can and dart in and out (at The Evil Rock N Roll Hollywood Cat)


  2. I’m djing tonight my cute set at #darkcontinent @dirtylaundrybar


  3. 5 AM mornings lead to divine results. Making @hhasselhoff my vision of a chic librarian who also performs baroque spoken word poetry at that famous cafe #Joni once played at for @GDLA Thanks @AdamDrawasPR #styling #bts @myfoxla


  4. Thank you so much @sarahoestreich for a wonderful write up in @issueinc on #liquideuphoria @sorellipresents http://issuemagazine.com/sorelli-presents-bj-panda-bears-liquid-euphoria/


  5. @heybloodcandy in their @usalteration at @sorellipresents


  6. @heybloodcandy playing last night at @dirtylaundrybar they will ring some ears break some hearts and blow some minds tomorrow @sorellipresents at 10ish. 1608 North Las Palmas